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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Evidence Is In: "Sherlock Holmes" Is Not Clueless

I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. I thought the onscreen relationship or "bromance" between Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr.) and Watson (Jude Law) was perfectly played out. I never read any of the mysteries, but I found myself easily entertained trying to solve the mystery. It was like trying to figure out the killer in a horror film. Holmes uses early techniques of CSI that's interesting to see because we are so used to technology. I also found the martial arts and fighting styles that Holmes plans out before he attacks quite different.

The only thing I have to argue about is why did Robert Downey Jr. get nominated for a Golden Globe for this role? Yes, I think he is an excellent actor, but this role was not any different from some of his other roles. It was like watching Tony Stark mixed with his Tropic Thunder roles. He plays the sarcastic charmer very well.

Overall, Sherlock Holmes is a fun and enjoyable film. There's plenty of comedy and action for all.

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