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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Old Bonaventure

The full moon unleashed the ghostly night into the air

The moss hung from the trees like long horrific fingers

I walked slowly through the old graveyard, bare-footed, caressing the moist grass

My dress curled in the wind, as I waited in old Bonaventure.


The ghosts were in the air, the old dog pack racing through the gravestones

The weeping statue of Gracie Watson, softly filled the air

A dinner party of apparitions laughed in the breeze

I smiled as I felt his presence nearing, as I waited in old Bonaventure.


His breath slowly traveled down my spine as I felt his warm hands around my waist

He slid my dress straps down baring my soul to the midnight sky

I turned to him, kissed him with a fiery passion as we collapsed to the ground

Intertwining as one

Lips moaning together

Hands exploring each other

On the grounds of old Bonaventure.


The secret was safe

Safe with the ghosts who roamed the grounds for eternity

The night of passion and infidelity would be buried on the grounds of old Bonaventure.

Copyright 2014
Tara Gergacs

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