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Monday, January 18, 2010

"The Book of Eli" Is Quite Insightful

Finally Denzel Washington made a good movie! Now, Denzel is an amazing actor, I just haven't liked most of his movies.

The Book of Eli takes place in the future after a nuclear war. Instead of money, payment is whatever one can find such as lighters, books and KFC wipes. The world is trying to recover the past world, a world that was once filled with material things. Washington plays Eli, a man who believes that he must travel West to protect the last Holy Bible on Earth. Of course, there's always a villain that will cross the hero's path and test his abilities. The ending is quite a shock and also reveals much about our world today.

Today, our world is filled with material things. These "things" that we can get everyday, but what if these "things" were gone? Eli's connection with The Bible helps him survive, grow and become powerful. He believes it's all he needs. Carnegie (Gary Oldman) and his crew believe The Bible will help his town, but he uses it for his own personal greed.

It all comes down to how you see the world, others and yourself.

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