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Monday, January 4, 2010

"Avatar" Visually Wows Audiences

I finally saw James Cameron's Avatar and I thought it was good, but not amazing. The story is good, but contains themes from past films. For example, there are comparisons to Dances With Wolves, which I only saw through the love story and the love for nature. My boyfriend and I agreed that it had a Pocahontas feel more than Dances With Wolves.

The fact is this movie would only be good if it didn't have the astonishing special effects. This is a movie you have to see in the theater and especially in 3D to get the whole visual experience. The effects are so good that you actually feel like you are in the movie.

The film is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Drama, which I don't understand because the acting isn't spectacular and the story isn't completely original. Yes, it has amazing effects and Cameron did an awesome job there, but I thought in order to get nominated for the best movie then all aspects of the film should be great. Just a thought.

Don't wait until DVD, unless you have an awesome TV.

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