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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Tangled" is Twisted Fun

Remember the magic and excitement that surrounded old Disney animated features? I remember the singing and the fun sidekicks. I remember falling in love with the story and the scenery. The last good Disney animated feature was "The Lion King" and after that they all seemed to fade away as Pixar progressed. In 2009, "The Princess and the Frog" finally brought back the old Disney flame.

When I went to see Disney's 50th animated feature "Tangled" based off of Rapunzel, I was sure it was going to be boring. I was wrong.

From beginning to end, you are pulled into Flynn Rider and Rapunzel's world. Rapunzel yearns for freedom and a chance to see the world away from her tower. She finds her freedom and dreams in Flynn. The music is wonderful thanks to Alan Menken, who is no stranger to Disney fairy tales. It is a wonderful hearting warming story for all ages and is beautiful in 3D. I highly recommend going to see "Tangled."

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