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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Step Up 3D" Stepped Down

I made an agreement with my boyfriend that I would see Step Up 3D since I made him sit through three Twilight movies. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I enjoyed the first two films more than this one. The story is no different than the previous films, dancers who are trying to find their place in the world.

I didn't think this film needed to be in 3D. The effects were cheesy and the only 3D effects were hands popping out of the screen. The acting was awful, but I believe the true acting and skill comes from the dancing itself.

The dancing is amazing. The talent that these young actors have will leave you speechless. The film made me want to take up dancing. It not only shows us crazy dance moves, but it allows us to understand the art of dance and how it inspires people.

Overall, I would wait for DVD unless you want to see the dancing on the big screen.

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