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Monday, June 7, 2010

"Sex in the City 2" Loses Its Sparkle

Yes ladies I'm sorry to report that the second Sex in the City does not match up to the TV series or the first movie.

First, its Sex in the City. There's hardly any sex and no city. We're taken to Abu Dhabi, which at first seems fun and exciting and then turns out to be a complete bore.

As usual each of the ladies have a storyline, but it seems as if the writers had to work extra hard to make something up. Their stories are bland and predicable. There was no reason to make a sequel because everyone's lives were perfect at the end of the first movie.

Here's a few examples:

Carrie's "moment" with Aidan didn't even make me worry. I figured out the ending.

Charlotte thinks she has something to worry about, but its just her mind.

Miranda makes a change in her life, but nothing mind-blowing.

Samantha is the same. I wanted something to shake up her life again.

So if the studio plans to make future sequels they had the opportunity to shake things up again, but they didn't.

Surprisingly, I did find something that I enjoyed throughout the film besides the fashion. The one thing Sex in the City is known for is presenting different traditions to women. The series lets women know that its okay to do or say certain things. I enjoyed Carrie's take on the tradition of marriage and the traditional ways of women in the Middle East. Every couple can have their own rules and even women under certain traditions can find ways to express themselves.

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