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Friday, May 7, 2010

Freddy's Still Dead

What happened to Freddy Krueger? He lost his sarcasm and became downright creepy and gross. Granted Freddy is supposed to be creepy and gross, but not the way he is portrayed in the new version of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I know that this film is considered a reboot of the first film and the new director is allowed to put his artistic stamp on it, but it lost its magic that made Wes Craven's version so horrific. There's still some images and memories from the original such as the music, the jump roping girls, the ionic "one two Freddy's coming for you," Nancy minus the gray streak in her hair, the dream sequences from the original and of course Freddy himself played by Jackie Earle Haley. For having such big shoes to fill he did a good job, but he's not memorable.

I think my biggest problem with this film is its trying to be a new film along with taking scenes from the original. Personally, I think that it would've worked better if it was just a whole different film and had absolutely nothing to do with the original. I went expecting to see scenes from the original, but BETTER. Not just a girl getting thrown around a room for two seconds and then gets cut down her chest. What happened to her getting dragged across the ceiling with blood behind her? I was extremely disappointed in the lack of creativity in the original dream sequences and even the new ones.

One of the most interesting and mysterious things about Freddy is his past. I was very upset that the entire film was based off of his past. I liked the idea that we didn't know why Freddy was killing all the Elm Street kids in the past versions. It left room to imagine and wonder who is Freddy Krueger. Well, now I know all of Freddy's business and personally I really didn't want to know the extent of his grossness because it was meant to be understood.

As I said earlier, I really think this film would've worked better as just another in the series. It would've allowed the director to play around more and certain scenes may have been more acceptable. But, when someone says they are going to reboot a horror classic there will always be certain expectations as with any popular film.

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