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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon or Cat?

After reading all the positive reviews on Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon, I had to check it out. Of course, Dreamworks made another winning film and this time they taught us to do what our hearts tell us and also not to stereotype.

Who knew dragons could be like cats. They like fish, they throw up their food, they like to roll around in the grass, they like to be scratched, they chase reflecting lights, they can be trained on a leash and you have to earn their trust. The dragons are first stereotyped as vicious killers, but young Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) finds out that the dragons are not what The Vikings believe they are. Hiccup begins his relationship with a Night Fury dragon who he names Toothless. After time, he realizes that dragons are not dangerous they just need to be treated right and humans need to understand that they will do what is necessary to live (just like any animal).

I really liked the message that this film sent out to us about the importance of treating all animals with respect, even if they are dangerous like some snakes, lizards, frogs, etc. It also teaches us to do our research on animals like Hiccup did. Toothless was stereotyped as one of the most dangerous dragons, but he was not once Hiccup learned his traits. It's the same way with us. If we see a snake in our yard, don't assume that it's poisonous and you must kill it. Research it and even if it is dangerous leave it alone.

Please check out this movie it is a lot of fun and very educational.

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