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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Curious about "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

Yes it is a good film. The visuals are amazing and the cinematography is breathtaking. The theme about aging is present throughout the film. Basically, it doesn't matter how we are born. We all end up in diapers and sometimes forget our lives. What matters is how we live each day.

So, I still can't figure out what made this film such a big deal. The theme is nothing different than what most movies present to us everyday. Live life to the fullest. The acting was good, but nothing amazing. I'm assuming the idea of living life backwards is the appeal, but I'm not that convinced. Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) is born as an old man. His body is old, but his mind is young. So everything he experiences makes him seem innocent and new to the world. Other people can't understand him. As he gets younger, life gets harder as it does for older people today. He deals with the deaths of loved ones and can't remember parts of his life.

So what is the appeal? I don't think it's living life backwards. I think it's simply embracing the life we are given and dealing with what life throws in our way. Knowing that living life forward is not that different from living life backwards. We will need help as we get older. We will all see loved ones die. But at least, we can see our children grow and grow old with someone we love.

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