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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Power of Choice- A Look At Bella Swan

This may be a sore subject to many, but I want to discuss “The Twilight Saga.” There are a few people in this world who think Bella is not considered a strong female character. They tend to say her whole life revolves around a man, and all she does is cry. They compare her to Katinss or Wonderwoman. They say she is not strong because she’s not like them. Here’s my argument. Bella is not supposed to be Katinss or Wonderwoman.  She is a normal 17 year old teenage girl in today’s society, who learns to thrive in a supernatural world.

“Twilight” is about making the right choices, and learning how to live with them. It’s about learning who to become or what to become. Bella knows her life was not meant to be normal. She wanted more and knew she could become more. She found her life with Edward. We’ve all been there. Everyone has had their heart broken, and when it’s the right person its hurts more. Bella should not be judged because she had her heart broken. This does not make her weak or feeble. By the time the story reaches “Eclipse,” Bella tests her choices. It was never about Jacob or Edward. It was about what kind of world she belonged in; a human or vampire world. She chose vampire. Bella stands up for herself during her pregnancy. She did not let Edward, Jacob or anyone talk her out of having their child. It was her body and her decision. This ultimately led to her choice to die giving birth, but then was changed. She found her strength and power in being a vampire. As she stated, she was born to be a vampire.

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