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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Velvet Room

It’s dark, the light is gone

The wind and rain slam against the window

I hear Mozart playing softly in the Velvet Room

The candlelight dances against the satin curtains

I glance at my reflection in the hollow mirror


My dark eyes hold nothing, no emotion

My red hair in tight curls, shines in the soft light

My painted red lips, still

I stand, walking in a trance to the Velvet Room


My red dress trails the floor, like blood

My mind tells me to run, but my body moves in a zombie like fashion

He waits, in the Velvet Room

He waits for my soul


I know he’s dangerous, deadly and fatal to my existence

But his dark eyes reek of seduction

His long dark hair sits above his shoulders, as he runs his hand slowly through it

He trails his finger across my lips

I breathe in and close my eyes




I open my eyes and look around The Velvet Room

He stands in a corner, a knife in his left hand

He walks toward me, smiling

“You are mine.”

He slides the knife down my neck to the core of my chest

In one quick motion he cuts my dress open and drags me to his hell.

Copyright 2014 Tara Gergacs

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