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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

“Real Steel:” An Electrifying, Powerful, Emotional Film

It’s nice to know there are still movies today that will make you jump out of your chair and cheer. There are those few movies like “Rocky,” which give us hope for the underdog as we watch him beat the odds. “Real Steel” is one of those movies.

Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a washed up boxer who’s trying to make a living off of robot fighting. His cocky nature allows him to make quick decisions, which costs him his creditability. Later, he finds out that he may be responsible for his eleven year old son, who he has never met. After a quick business deal, Charlie takes his son Max (Dakota Goyo) in for the summer. Unlike Charlie, Max has patience and tries to help his father with his robot fighting escapades. Max ends up finding his own robot, Atom, in a junk yard. Atom is a Generation 2, which no one would consider fighting. Max doesn’t give up and continues to prove to Charlie that you have to fight for someone or something you love.

The film is powerful as it shows the bond between father and son grow. Atom is the missing link, he brings Charlie and Max together as Charlie learns that you have to work to become something.

“Real Steel” is exciting, energetic and will have you at your feet at the end credits. I highly recommend going to see this film in the theatre.

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