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Monday, December 13, 2010

"The Tourist" Worth The Trip

I'm quite surprised by the amount of negative reviews this film has received. Once again, I believe the majority of moviegoers want the story given to them immediately and do not want to use their imagination.

Shot in Venice. the setting is absolutely breathtaking. I felt like it was the perfect backdrop for a romantic mystery action thriller. Angelina Jolie is beautiful. She is "classical movie" beautiful and fits the stereotype of the mysterious woman who may be good or bad. At first, I had a hard time watching Johnny Depp because Jolie's beauty takes over the screen, but Depp shines as aways. I was looking forward to seeing him play a "normal" person and he played it WELL.

Most of the reviews criticized the story by saying it lacked a "wow" moment. They also criticized the actors by saying they didn't have any chemistry.

Let me start with the story. It's about an American tourist who travels to Venice and meets a woman on a train. The plot thickens when we realize Depp's character is part of a plan, which is mistaken identity. For me, the "wow" moment was when the credits were rolling and I realized what REALLY happened in the last scene of the movie. It's one of those films that has you remembering the whole course of events while you're leaving the theatre.

As for Depp and Jolie, I didn't think they lacked chemistry. They wanted each other, but there was one big situation hanging over their heads. Once again, see the movie and you will understand.

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  1. I loved this one. Can't wait to see it again.