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Monday, July 19, 2010

"Inception" Is Mind Blowing

After reading countless reviews and hearing positive word of mouth responses, I couldn't wait to see this film. Well, were they all right? Was Inception Chris Nolan's best project to date? I thought it was good, but I don't think its his best to date. Personally, The Prestige and The Dark Knight rank higher than Inception. Even though it was only good, I still found Inception mind blowing in special effects, acting and screenwriting.

The cast is wonderful. I was impressed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt because all I could think about was the little kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun. He's turned into a great actor. Also Ellen Page won me over. No Juno girl here as she plays such a positive role throughout the film. Leo nails the lead role as always.

The special effects are original. Each dream sequence is carefully crafted so well that it looks real. The hall scene is absolutely amazing.

The story is original, yet it does have a Matrix feel to it. Please be prepared to think throughout the film as the answers are not given to us directly. The basic scenario is Cobb (DiCaprio) has the ability to steal ideas from people when they are in the dream state its called "extraction." Well, in order to get his life back, Cobb must plant an idea which is called "inception." The film is extremely ambiguous and also quite long. Warning, you may leave the theatre overwhelmed with theories and thoughts.

Overall, its a good film and original, which is nice to see for a change.

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