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Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Thumbs "Up"

Disney/Pixar has done it again. They have successfully created another original film that is perfect for kids and adults. Up is about an elderly man, Carl Fredricksen, who finally decides to take the trip of a lifetime after losing his wife, Ellie. Instead of traveling by plane or boat, he uses tons of balloons to make his house fly. His planned adventure is to the hidden land of Paradise Falls in South America, but his "planned" adventure takes a different turn when he is joined with a young boy, Russell.

With every Disney/Pixar film, there is a lesson to be learned. The theme in Up is it doesn't matter how old you are because you can still accomplish your dreams. Also the adventure of a lifetime doesn't have to be traveling around the world. It can be spending time with your loved ones who are with you everyday.

Go see this film in Disney 3D!

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